Joe Biden endorsed Gov. Inslee for Governor, releasing the following statement Tuesday:

“Governor Jay Inslee is a national leader during the COVID-19 crisis and is building an economy that works for everyone in Washington state. As Governor, he delivered results for working families – expanding health care, passing paid family leave, providing sick leave to every Washington worker, and making historic investments in transportation and education. Throughout the coronavirus pandemic, Gov. Inslee has shown strong, steady leadership to protect Washingtonians. I am proud to endorse his candidacy and look forward to working alongside him to further expand access to health care, rebuild a strong economy, and continue the global fight against climate change,”

In return, Inslee released this statement:

 “I am proud to have the endorsement of the next President of the Untied States, Joe Biden. I look forward to working with a leader who follows science and is committed to delivering results for working families”

Perhaps sounding a bit cynical, but if you've been following Inslee's political moves, Biden's statement sounds exactly like it was 'created' from a list of 'accomplishments' Inslee's staff send to the DNC.

And Inslee's response is patterned after his own talking points, especially the comment about "science."

By the way, Inslee endorsed Biden back on or around April 22, 2020. Reportedly conversations about climate policy.


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