Fortunately, the 17-year-old juvenile is OK, did not suffer serious injuries. But they're going to be hurting for a while.

Kennewick police say it's a sobering reminder for bike riders and even pedestrians to make sure they're visible during nighttime hours.  Wearing brighter clothing, having proper reflectors and lights on a bike etc.

Around 11:17pm, the male was riding his bike near 27th and began to turn onto Conway Street when he was hit by a car. According to reports, the driver did not see him in the dark. The rider's bike (pictured) was all black, he was not wearing bright clothing either. Police say the bike was NOT equipped with proper reflectors or a light.

Police said the driver stayed at the scene with the rider after calling 911, until First Responders arrived. The youth was taken to the hospital for treatment.

Police remind bikers that they are considered part of the vehicular traffic, and it's smart to have these items on your bike when you're riding after dark.

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