Umatilla County Deputies and Stanfield Police say this guy has a penchant for trying to outrun cops on his motorcycle, and so far he's 0-2.  So much so, they've nicknamed him Road Rash.

37-year-old Kelly Chapman was arrested this last week after trying to outrun a pursuing Stanfield officer, and crashed his bike trying to turn off of a side road onto the highway. He did require medical treatment for his road rash.

Less than a month earlier, Chapman was being pursued by another officer in town when he also crashed. During that episode, a case of soda on his bike flew off, with the cans hitting the pavement like "torpedoes" said police, exploding in the process.

It's probably a good idea for this guy to stay off the bike for a while, and given his misadventures with law enforcement, it will likely stay that way.

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