This case involved a running hose, a broken vodka bottle, and a padlock on a chain that was threatened as a weapon.

It ended with a man being arrested in Pasco.

Around 2:30PM Monday a call came in from a church on 20th Ave, staffers said the suspect (whose name was not released) was "running the hose" in the church lawn. When asked to leave he threatened the staffers with a broken vodka bottle and a padlock attached to a chain which he brandished like a weapon. The staffers retreated and called 9-1-1.

 What Happened Next? 

Officers caught up with the suspect near the Super Mex Market on 20th but the man "didn't want to stop and talk" when Officers wanted to find out what he was doing in on the church grounds.

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The suspect then pulled out a long lock-bladed knife and said he would defend himself if attacked. At that point Officers countered by showing the suspect their Taser and announcing he was under arrest. He put away the knife but remained uncooperative. The knife is circled in yellow in the image below.

Dave Allen
Dave Allen

Police said he ended up in what they call their WRAP fabric restraint system because he refused to be transported either in or out of a vehicle. After finally being subdued he was transported to a nearby ER for medical clearance, then booked in the Franklin County jail for 3 misdemeanors. During the entire time, he remained defiant and verbally abusive to Officers and other staff at the facilities.

No word if Police suspected any mental issues going on or if drugs might have been involved. The investigation continues.


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