You probably remember the horrific story we shared with you back in May, about the Bothell, WA shop teacher who was found outside a classroom, bleeding from wounds and with a zip tie tightly wound around his neck. Turns out, it was FAKE!

The teacher was found by another administrator, and quickly rushed for medical attention. The story grabbed national headlines, as the brutality of the attack made many wonder what kind of student or person would do this.

A note was found by him reading, "This man is not god."  However, after the school district and police began to launch a thorough investigation, they noticed inconsistencies in Cal Pygott's story.

Finally, according to NW Cable News, this week Pygott admitted to police and school administrators that he fabricated the story, and inflicted wounds himself, as well as applying the zip tie to his own neck!   No information was given as to WHY he would do that, but the 63-year old teacher is now on administrative leave as the investigation continues.