If you're still paying outrageous prices for cable TV, this doesn't apply to you. But if you're pulling free TV from the air with an antennae, then here's the deal...

I might be late to the party on this one, but I tried to watch The Conners last night and channel 42-1 would not come in on my antennae! I've never had trouble with that station before. But apparently I did not hear the announcements KVEW-TV made about some adjustments they had to make that would require us to need to reprogram our TV antennaes. OK good, I was worried that my very awesome antennae (shown above) was failing me suddenly.

I had one of those flat antennas and it worked great for about a year. But then CBS suddenly no longer came in! It was...then it wasn't, and I could not get it back no matter where I moved the antennae. NBC, ABC and Fox were all good, but no CBS. I did a little research and finally found this for $79.99 on Amazon (I think they're closer to $49.99 now). Everything comes in GREAT! I have it mounted indoors but it comes with outdoor mounts and brackets.

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