Some say it's because of the holidays, others believe it's done for drug money, or the items are fenced cheaply for cash. Either way, we're seeing an increase in car prowls this fall and winter.

Kennewick police arrested a 27-year-old woman after she was seen stealing multiple items from parked cars in the Sun Meadows Mobile Home park on 19th in Kennewick.

Sunday night, police arrested Clarissa Herrera as she attempted to leave the park in a vehicle.  She was seen by one of the homeowners working her way through the park, stealing various items from unlocked vehicles.

The citizen then saw her dropping the items just outside the park along the fence line, obviously intending to come back and retrieve them. But police arrived just as she was trying to leave. Her vehicle was stopped, and she is now facing a variety of burglary and theft charges.

All the stolen items were recovered and returned to their owners. Police remind people to never store items of value in your vehicle, and NEVER leave them unlocked and unattended.