There may be other allegations, but for now this youthful-looking suspect is wanted in connection with an alleged Pasco vehicle theft.

  Pasco Police say early Sunday morning, a female victim told them her parents grey Mazda 3 was reported missing after the keys were stolen from her purse.

Apparently, she was part of a small house party at her home and later found the keys and vehicle gone.

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The car was found about 12 hours later Sunday afternoon, it had a flat tire and had been abandoned in the parking lot of the Firestore Tire Store at Road 68 in Pasco. Ironic. Had the suspect waited around perhaps he could have had it fixed?!?

Police are seeking 26-year-old Blaine A. Marino of Pasco, as the suspect in the alleged theft. There may be, say Police, other allegations as well, but for now they want to locate him for the car theft.

Dumping a car with a flat at a tire store...hmmm.

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