Benton County Sheriff's are seeking details about this guy, who was captured on video prowling a car in the area of Badger View Drive and Reata. He is possibly linked to multiple incidents in the area.

He's described as tall, thin, white with a goatee, wearing a hoodie. Anyone with any information is urged to call (509)-628-0333. All leads are confidential.

Sheriff's and area police (again!) urge homeowners to lock their vehicles at all times, even when they're at home during the day. They say even if you have to park outside and don't have a garage, the chance of having your car broken into is significantly less if the suspect finds the door locked. Many won't risk the noise or time consuming process of trying to break in.

And, don't leave anything of any value sitting out in plain sight, even if you think it's an 'inexpensive' item.

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