It all began Thursday morning shortly before 12:30am in Pasco. Police got a tip that a couple of wanted, but dangerous, suspects were at an apartment building at 424 North 4th.

However, when police arrived and searched unit A-10, where they were supposed to be, they weren't.  It was vacant. After searching an attic area and adjacent apartment were searched, and bingo, the officers found their suspects.

The SWAT Team was a part of the search because the suspects had dangerous, violent criminal backrounds.

Inside the apartment, hiding on a bed, were 28-year old Victor M. Gonzalez of Pasco, wanted for outstanding warrants; 21-year-old Jaime Miranda, wanted on warrants and meth possession; and 27-year-old Samuel Adam Miller, a homeless person, who violated court-ordered restraining order forbidding him from being on the apartment grounds.

All are now in the Franklin County Jail. Benton County and Richland Police also assisted in the search.

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