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Forget Snowmageddon--Irrigation Outlook Growing Worse
Regardless of Snowmageddon in February, it's the snowpack in Cascades and elsewhere, and reservoir levels that determine what water will look like irrigation wise this year, and every year.
Kennewick Irrigation District, and others, are now saying the water levels are dropping when it comes to p…
Walla Walla KMart Saved by $4 Billion Buyout?
Despite a plethora of conflicting information, it appears the Walla Walla KMart store has survived the dozens of store cuts made across the country.
Despite hundreds of Sears and KMart stores being shuttered, a $4.4 billion dollar buyout by former CEO Eddie Lampert was formally approved earlier this …
New Year's Resolution? Brighten, Improve Your House Numbers!
Forget losing weight, exercising, eating better, making more money etc. One of the best new year's resolutions you can make is to make your house numbers brighter, bigger and more visible!
What?!? The West Richland Police Department and other agencies remind people if you're house numbers are not rea…

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