One day after a U.S. Judge sided with Gov. Inslee's business closure proclamations, Labor and Industries officials showed up at Slidewaters, a waterpark in Chelan County, and presented the owner with a cease and desist order, and also threatened jail time.

Gov. Inslee alluded to this lawsuit, and he said he was sure there would be "penalties" although he did not elaborate.  U.S. Judge Thomas Rice said Inslee was within the state Constitution limits to enact such closures. The water park had hoped to recoup losses by operating. According to Inslee's re opening plan the park would not have been allowed to open until Phase 3.  Chelan County is under Phase 2 now.

The Freedom Foundation issued this following statement, attributed to Ashley Varner, Director of Communcations:

“One day after a federal judge gave the green light to Governor Jay Inslee’s use of dictatorial powers over Washingtonians’ lives and livelihoods, the governor wasted no time in further executing his orders against otherwise law-abiding citizens.

“Today, officials from the Department of Labor and Industries (L&I) showed up to Slidewaters, a popular waterpark that employs more than 150 young people in Chelan County, and presented the owners with an order and notice of immediate restraint, including a threat of six months imprisonment if Governor Inslee’s edict is defied.

“The Freedom Foundation continues to stand by the owners of Slidewaters and Washingtonians across this state who are trying to keep their lights on and their rent paid.

“The governor’s unconstitutional edicts are not saving lives, but they are killing businesses.”

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