I think you can dis-regard my previous review on fixing cloudy or hazy headlights. It did work great, but I've had to re-do it 3 times in the last 2 years. And that required a drill and some serious sanding. I'm pretty sure this will last way, way longer.

When you open the package of sealer...wow you can smell it big time. This stuff is serious and they even give you gloves to wear when applying. It says to make one pass when you apply....that's because it immediately starts to cure and get sticky. It will be dry to the touch in one hour and ready to rock in the rain in 24 hours. According to the package, it's a nano-polymer that binds to the lens and last for years. After this application, I believe it, but time will tell.

Have you ever heard that you can wipe WD-40 on your hazy headlights and they clear up. It's true, but 72 hours later, it has worn off and they're hazy again. Even water will clear them up....for a minute, then back to a dry haze. That's where the long lasting effect of the nano-polymer comes in. I found this for $9.99 at Rite-Aide. It's made by Rust-Oleum which made me feel good about the product and will easily do 3 sets of headlights. Now watch it in action...


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