ESD 123, the "regional" school district that covers the Tri-Cities, is presenting a seminar in August that will include focus groups on Common Core.

Our state has divided itself into 9  regional "educational service districts" who help oversee and assist local districts with a variety of educational issues and support. ESD 123 serves the Tri-Cities and surrounding Mid-Columbia Region.

August 3-4-5th, ESD 123 is presenting it's 6th annual Starting Strong seminar at the Three Rives Convention Center in Kennewick.   From their informational website:

"August 4, 5 and 6, 2014 at the Three Rivers Convention Center in Kennewick. Superintendents, principals, K-3 teachers, child care providers, parents and community agency partners will attend this special three-day event."

P-3 stands for "prenatal through 3rd grade" and is designed to further educational efforts for young children.   One of the subjects that will be promoted via guest speakers and "breakout" sessions is Common Core.  From the ESD website:

"Tuesday and Wednesday, August 5 and 6 – ESD 123 and partners are hosting this two-day conference featuring keynote speakers and numerous breakout sessions focused on P-3 alignment and implementation including WaKIDS, the Early Learning Guidelines and Common Core, Community Collaboration and much more!" (Bolded letters added for emphasis).

Common Core takes traditional, proven educational standards and teaching methods that have for the most part, worked for generations, and completely unravels them.    The website  describes Common Core this way (addressing the math portion):

"Common Core has become just a new education trend. Every decade, bored educators in the United States latch on to a new trend on how to teach things. By God it is a horrific idea that we might teach math the way math has always been taught. There are always new ways and common core is just the latest."

Common Core has begun to seep into Mid-Columbia schools now.   If you are concerned about it,  we suggest you look into it, study it, and find out as much as you can.   And, contact your educators, write letters, and let your voice be heard - whether you support it or not.

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