Often when you're having a talk with a police officer it's not always the nicest conversation. But today in Richland was quite the opposite. The Richland Police Department hosted a community event called Pizza with Police. The point of the gathering was just for police to sit and chat with the community, meet families, and have a slice.

Photo by Raleigh

I met several of the officers and watched as they greeted the community. Kids got to check out the police vehicles and get inside. The adults talked about various topics and some even talked about what it took to become a police officer. I had a wonderful conversation with Police Chief Chris Skinner about a myriad of topics. We covered women in the force, racial diversity, community outreach, body and police vehicle cameras as well.


Photo by Raleigh with Richland Police Chief Chris Skinner

It was nice to just sit and talk and get to know the police without having their lights flashing in the rear-view mirror. I really hope they do more of these type of events and that Pasco and Kennewick police have similar events as well. The next time you should definitely come; the kids had a blast and it was nice to meet some of the people in charge of keeping our community safe.