They're #1!  So sayeth the experts for Connell.

According to a recent survey released by the home security and safety company Safewise (,  Connell tops the list of the 50 safest cities to live in our state.

Safewise says in 2012, only six violent crimes reported in the community, giving it a 99% safety rating.    So where did the rest of the Mid-Columbia and Eastern Washington come into play?   Here's notables, and a few comments about them, from Safewise:

#4 Pullman:  We wondered if the survey was done while WSU was in session or during the summer?   The sidewalks fold up between late May and August.  Ever seen a typical Wazzu frat party?   Hmmm....(Our comments - no theirs!)

#6 West Richland:  A 92% safety rating.

#26 College Place (Walla Walla):  Crime rate 50% lower than state average.

#30 Richland:   City uses the same computerized crime tracking technology and systems as New York City.

#32 Grandview:   According to Safewatch,  crime rate in 2011-12 was 64% lower than national average...

#34 Prosser

#38 Pasco

#49 Kennewick

While we're certainly not dissing on Safewise saluting the Tri-Cities, it's interesting to note that they may have missed our recent sales tax that passed the ballot in August.  It's purpose is to allocate more money for police to battle the gang and drug problem in the Mid-Columbia.

But,  we will take it!