Imagine...cops pulling your car over to see if it's stolen...what?

Centralia police have started a new program, that involves putting a special sticker on your car which allows police to pull it over if it's driven between the hours of 1 and 5am.

According to the Olympian Newspaper, the free new program is targeted at auto thefts.

It's called the CCAT program, and it involves voluntary sign up, then putting a special sticker on your vehicle that when police see it they can pull the car over between 1 and 5am.

According to officials, including Centralia, most vehicles are stolen overnight. It's possible for a stolen car to pass by a patrol car or even sit next to one at a light, and the officer doesn't know.  That's because most people discover their car was stolen in the morning, then it's called in.

Officials also say studies show most stolen vehicles are operated by perps at night, those bold enough to drive around. The program began this week in Centralia.

Just remember if you're going to be driving around yourself between 1 and 5am, remember you have the sticker. If that happens, say Centralia police, and they do pull over the rightful owner, they will radio other officers and let them know the car driver is legit.

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