Kennewick police now say the driver who hit a man crossing in a crosswalk was distracted.

Monday afternoon, around 1:30pm, the man had pressed the button at the Edison Crosswalk just North of Albertsons, it's the new crossing equipped with digital flashing lights.

Reports indicate the man was almost all the way across, the lights were flashing and other vehicles had stopped, but one car hit the man.

He was injured and taken to TRIOS ER at Southridge, but no update on his condition. The driver, said to be a teen or young man, admitted to officers he was 'distracted' and not paying attention. Kennewick police say he will be cited. There could be possible additional citations, depending upon the condition or injuries sustained by the pedestrian.

With school looming police emphasize to drivers to put down the phone, keep your eyes on the road, and pay attention!

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