The Franklin County Coroner has issued the official autopsy results from the shooting death of a man who slashed two police officers on December 14,

18-year-old Alejandro Betancourt-Mendoza died of "several gunshot wounds" to the chest after he slashed the officers.

Officer Kierra Peoples sustained wounds to her face requiring stitches, while Officer Ben Boykin suffered a deep slash to his forearm that resulted in arterial bleeding. Despite her wounds, Officer Peoples put a tourniquet on Boykin's arm and drove him to Lourdes Medical Center ER.

A third officer, Jason Griffin, also responded to the call. He was not hurt. It is not known which officer fired their weapon at Mendoza. That Saturday evening, December 14th, the three were checking on a report of property theft going on near 18th. and Pearl. That's when Mendoza is said to have assaulted the officers.

The specific step by step details have still not been released, the case remains under investigation.

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