DEA and other officials say these raids and searches are in response to what's being called a growing problem with Mexi Blues and other drugs in Eastern Washington. Mexi Blues are the street name for Fentanyl, which is considered 30-50 times more powerful than heroin.

Police say an increasing number of these kinds of drugs are being 'manufactured' or modified in drug operations, and even one pill can kill.  They say with doctors lowering the doses and strength of pain pills, many people are turning to the streets for illegal narcotics.

The problem is these street fabricated drugs can range from a pill that has no effect, to one that contains 3-4 times the amount needed to overdose and kill someone.

A home was raided in Kennewick on East 25th off of Highway 397 and another in the 1900 block of Ruby in Pasco. Police could release little else, saying the investigation is ongoing.

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