We saw a case like this in Tri-Cities recently, now it's hit Hermiston.

Police are looking for these two people, who are wanted in connection with several incidents of fraud.  What's been happening is, fraudsters try to make a purchase, and if (or when) their card is declined, they instead ask the merchant to enter a code that overrides the decline. At first, the card appears to be approved. The fraudsters tell the merchant some sort of story that there's been an issue with the card, etc etc and they were told to do this.

Once the transaction is completed, the merchant later finds out the card is still declined, but they are out the goods. Police urge merchants if this happens, to request a different form of payment and NOT enter any such codes. These two have apparently been identified (police did not give their names), they are now trying to locate them.

If anyone sees these two, in Hermiston or elsewhere, please call 541-567-5519. All leads can be confidential.

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