One Of Washington State's Beloved Burger Stands Is Changing French Fries

You've got to love a business that's honest and tells it like it is.

facebook/dick's drive-in
facebook/dick's drive-in

Iconic Dick's Burgers Is Being Honest With Their French Fries

Founded in 1954, Dick's Drive-In is a Pacific Northwest treasure. Its legendary status makes it one of the places in the Northwest that most people seek out for a good old-fashioned meal. Dick's is known for their "Dick's Deluxe", milkshakes, and hand-cut french fries.

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If you've ever been to Dicks, there are no frills on the menu and its popularity is staggering.

facebook/dicks drive-in
facebook/dicks drive-in

We ate at the Queen Anne location years ago while going to Emerald City Comic-Con and I told my wife that you couldn't special order off the menu.

She didn't listen and when she tried to special order, they corrected her.

It's the beauty of Dicks, simple and delicious food.

facebook/ dick's drive-in
facebook/ dick's drive-in

Those that love Dick's also love their fries and you've got to love a business that's transparent if there's a change in the menu.

Dick's recently posted this message on their Facebook page:

Attention Customers:
We are at the very end of the season on our Washington potatoes and they are not producing fries up to our standards.
Some locations are even using a different potato than normal to tie us over until the new harvest gets here from eastern Washington. New potatoes are coming out of the ground as you read this!
Thank you for your patience as we make it through this week and if you get a french fry that isn't satisfying please bring it back to the window for a replacement.

You've got to love a business that tells it like it is. Dick's, we salute you for your honesty and can't wait for that next batch of Washington potatoes to arrive.

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