Make of it what you will, but based upon recent endorsements of the two 4th. District Congressional candidates,  our House race is looking very much like others across the country.

Literally dozens of Senate, House, Governors and other races seem to be coming down to challenges between "establishment" candidates and incumbents vs. upstart grassroots conservatives.

Especially if you listen to Mark Levin, weekdays from 3-6pm on Newstalk 870, you're aware of the many races where conservative or TEA Party-backed candidates either have won, or done surprisingly well against GOP establishment leaders.  Many of these candidates are supported by voters who are tired of what they feel is unresponsive, irresponsible government.

It would be unfair, however, in our race to label this a completely similar contest.  Both Clint Dider and Dan Newhouse have repeatedly expressed similar views on the big subjects such as gun control, fiscal responsibility etc.

But when you look at who's endorsed them,   it clearly falls along the lines of other races around the country.    While some deny it,  other political watchers say it's impossible to ignore that the GOP appears to be splitting.    Over the last several years, especially since the 2010 Mid-Term Elections, there's been a definite upheaval of conservative voices going against what they believe is ineffective leadership from Republicans in office.

When you consider the endorsements of each candidate,  it appears the support behind Didier and Newhouse is definitely falling along those split lines.    Here's who's officially cast their support for each candidate:

Clint Dider:   Endorsed by:  Sarah PalinRon Paul and his Liberty PAC,  Freedomworks PAC (a leading political action committee on the national level),   Syndicated national talk show host Mark Levin, and the National Association for Gun Rights.  (The NRA has not formally endorsed either candidate).

Dan Newhouse:  Endorsed by:   Retiring House 4th. District Congressman Doc Hastings,   Former WA State Attorney General and Governor's Candidate Rob McKenna, former Senator Slade Gorton.

In addition, while Didier has garnered much support from conservative and TEA Party groups - as well as numerous gun rights activists and those who favor fiscal responsibility,   Newhouse has a lot of support from numerous GOP elected officials.  He also has considerable support from businesses and people involved in the agricultural industry, as he was former Washington State Director of Agriculture.

As we said, while both candidates are not far apart on the issues,   their endorsements make our race not that different from the races shaking up the GOP across America.

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