One look, and you realize some suspects are not hard to miss.

They are described as "distinctive" by law enforcement sometimes.

Such is the case with 58-year-old  Gene Winston Walker of Pasco (pictured above). He was arrested Saturday night after a short search following an altercation at the Albertson's store at 20th and Court.

Around 6:45PM apparently he felt the need for an 18 pack of Coors, and strolled in, then out of the store with it. Well, almost out. He was recognized by a Loss Prevention Officer for both not paying, and because he wasn't supposed to be there.

Walker, when confronted, dropped the beer (ruins that pack for somebody else, now it's all shook up) and shoved the LPO in his effort to get out of the store.

However, Officer Jason Nunez, who was on patrol, quickly recognized him walking away nearby, especially because of his "distinctive" appearance. He was apprehended and arrested but facing a felony charge now. Shoplifting can result in a misdemeanor, but automatically upgrades to a felony due to the assault.

Turns out, Walker had been banned for life from that same Albertson's store last October for shoplifting, but must have felt the need for beer was stronger. He's now in the Franklin County jail on the elevated theft and assault charges.

Over the last couple of years alone, the Pasco PD has had their share of 'interesting' or "distinctive" people 'visit' them for a variety of reasons. This galley shows some of these folks, mug shots worthy of being featured on the popular crime website The Smoking Gun. 

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