Pasco suspect Calderon (PPD)
Pasco suspect Calderon (PPD)

Pasco Police report a much wanted suspect has been in the Franklin County jail over the weekend after he lost a 'name game' with Richland Police.

Thursday night 28-year-old Javier Calderon was spotted by Richland officers and arrested around midnight. Pasco Police say Calderon tried playing a round of the 'name game' (fake ID) but lost to the Richland cops.

It's likely the distinctive tattoos on his face and neck didn't help. You would think that's futile when officers have photos of you and giving fake names won't change the tats.

Calderon was wanted in connection with a residential burglary, and outstanding DOC (Department of Corrections) warrant; and could be facing drug charges.

A chunk of crystalline material was found on his person that initially tested positive for meth. It's been sent to the crime lab for more confirmation. You may recall he's the suspect Pasco Police referred to last week as having a "distinctive freckle" on his neck. He's now behind bars in the Franklin County Jail.


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