Investigation continues into a Friday domestic incident in Kennewick that left a wrecked car or two behind.

Benton County Deputies responded to a home on South Cedar Place, just south of 10th and East of S. Washington street, for a report of a disturbance.

Upon arrival they found a woman (whose name was not released) who was agitated and yelling. She then theft the area in a car, but collided with a parked vehicle on the way out.

But Deputies located her a short distance away, near 13th and Washington. She was ID'd as the suspect and pulled over. She appeared to obviously be under the influence of either drugs or alcohol--perhaps both. She failed the field sobriety test, and was placed under arrest for a variety of charges including DUI and Hit and Run.

Deputies emphasize, as do other law enforcement officers, regardless of how bad situations escalate, never leave a location in a vehicle when you're impaired. Even worse case scenario, better to walk.  You won't end up being pulled over, having your vehicle towed and impounded, and possibly losing one's license.

No one else was injured in or other damage reported from the incident. It's noteworthy that Washington state's Target Zero program was steadily decreasing the number of impaired drivers on our roadways the last five years, but then 2020 and COVID came along.  Now, the number of impaired drivers has jumped up in the last 10-12 months again.

Below are some notable crashes from our area, some involving DUI drivers.

Noteable crashes, some DUI

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