The resurrected XFL will begin its "inaugural" season in February of 2020. Among the 8 teams getting their new names is the Seattle Dragons.

I think the name is fine. The Iowa Barnstormers of the AFL changed their name to the Dragons when they relocated to New York. A team of fancy executives can try their hardest to explain to me how a fairly generic name can represent a city or region. Something, something weather. Something, something, resilience. I'm sure we'll hear more of the same when the uniforms are revealed around Thanksgiving. Again, I like the name. It's fine. I just find the hype videos to be unintentionally funny. Honestly, I think the New York Guardians have the coolest name/logo combination. They're tapping into the gargoyle mythology. I also like Houston Roughneck's obvious take on the old Houston Oilers logo. But the worst name has to be the St. Louis Battlehawks. Seriously, it sounds like something a 12 year-old came up with. At least the Vipers, Wildcats, and Renegades are safe and vanilla. Battlehawks is just a bad name.

The Seattle Dragons will be coached by former lefty Seahawks QB Jim Zorn and will play at CenturyLink. If you've been on the Seahawks waiting list for season tickets for the past 7 years, it's worth noting the $50 deposit on Dragons season tickets.

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