If it seems like there's a lot more dead salmon littering the banks of the Columbia River in and around the Tri-Cities, it's actually normal, and perhaps a good thing. (Photo courtesy of KNDU-TV)

How can that be? In response to numerous citizens reports and questions, the Department of Fish and Wildlife says increased numbers of the fish coming upstream to spawn means a lot more dead ones will be found washed ashore.

Officials say every year it's common to see dead salmon, which don't pose any harm to heath - just don't handle to try to 'eat' them.  But due to vastly increased numbers of fish that returned to spawn, a near record, we will see a lot more dead fish.

Wildlife officials say it's great for the environment because they provide a lot of food for other animals and creatures in the eco-system, BUT make sure your dog or pets don't eat the dead fish, it can actually make them sick.

The fish will continue to be seen til probably the end of the year, by which time they will have been eaten or decomposed.

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