A watchful citizen following what was believed to be a car prowler got him so unnerved he crashed his SUV into a duplex in Kennewick.

Early Tuesday morning, a citizen called police to report a suspicious vehicle and driver 'lurking' in the area of 4th Ave. and Kellogg.  When the citizen made it 'clear' they were watching and following the man, he tried to speed off, but lost control and smashed into a duplex near the intersection.

The man then fled, leaving his SUV behind. The impact knocked the living room picture window backwards from it's frame, but the vehicle did not penetrate the wall.

Police are now searching for the suspect, said to be wearing blue jeans and a white t-shirt. No other information was released. The duplex was vacant, no one living there, no injuries reported.

The man's vehicle pictured below

Vehicle left behind by suspected car prowler (KPD KVEW TV)