Apparently this guy's conscience get the better of him, or he figured the cops would get him eventually. That hole in the building was formerly a window and a cinder block wall!

Sunday, around 5:22 am, a car smashed into the side of the Jet Mart Conoco on Volland just South of Canal Drive, taking out an entire section of wall. The dark suburban type vehicle, as witnesses described it, then fled East on Metaline, hitting two different fences in the process! Here's one of the two fences the vehicle went through.

Metaline fence crash Kennewick (Kennewick police)
Metaline fence crash Kennewick (Kennewick police)

Then 29-year-old Steven Houston reported to police his vehicle had been stolen. It matched the description of the one that hit the convenience store. However, some 8 hours after the wreck, around 4:30pm, Houston reached out to police and admitted he had lied about the theft, to cover up the hit-and-run.

Authorities didn't reveal any additional information as to what led to the accident at the Jet Mark Conoco, the fences, or if alcohol was involved.

But now Houston is facing aiding and abetting in a hit and run, hit and run, and providing false information to police charges.



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