Guess some people never learn.

Pendleton police and Oregon State Corrections authorities report this week a 33-year -old man, who's only been out of prison for about three months, was arrested with copious amounts of heroin, meth, and tools associated with dealing.  He also had a considerable amount of cash.

According to, John Shenfield was caught Wednesday morning "lurking" behind the Denny's restaurant around 5:30am.

An officer on patrol saw him, and it sparked his interest. Upon contacting him, it was discovered Shenfield also was wanted on a parole violation. After a search, officers found the drugs and money. Shenfield admitted he knew he had  the outstanding warrant, and confirmed to officers he'd only been out about 90 days.

Police are calling it a "good" bust because they likely took a significant drug dealer off the streets....again.

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