A 32-year-old man is in the Walla Walla County jail facing a slew of charges after a wild early Monday morning incident.

College Place police said Adam Dickenson was driving his pickup truck in the 700 block of SW Bade Street, when he drove up to  and through the maintenance entrance gate at Walla Walla University.

The school is closed to in person classes, going on line til at least 4-27 according to the school's website.

Dickenson smashed through the gate, damaging his truck, then reportedly punched out a window in a parked trailer that was nearby. He was found by police bleeding severely from a cut on his right arm.  He appeared to be under the influence of some narcotic or alcohol, according to police. He said he was there to look for a "missing female" but didn't elaborate.

What for sure he won't be missing is jail time, facing second-degree burglary, malicious mischief and reckless driving charges.  Probably more, pending the results of toxicology tests as well.

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