In less than 3 days after the August 4 primary in Washington state, the two candidates who combined to get just over 12 percent of the vote both pledged support for, and endorsed GOP choice Loren Culp who got 17.1 Percent.

In a crowded field of 36 candidates, five GOP contenders were considered at least somewhat serious: Culp, Tim Eyman, Senator Phil Fortunato, Dr. Raul Garcia, and Joshua Freed.  Garcia received just over 5 percent, while Freed (who got the most State GOP backing) got 8.29 percent. Inslee got a hair over 50 percent, with over half of his votes coming from King, Pierce and Snohomish counties.

Tim Eyman released a statement that read in part:

"This is not a difficult decision for me. This fall, I will gladly vote for Loren Culp for Governor. I strongly support Loren Culp for Governor. I enthusiastically endorse Loren Culp for Governor.  I encourage everyone who supported me in my campaign to endorse, support, and vote for Loren Culp for Governor."

Eyman mentioned how he admires Culp's work ethic, and how he didn't back down when challenging I-1639 (the anti-gun AR-15 law).

State Senator Phil Fortunato also issued a video statement on Facebook, pledging his support for Culp, stressing the need to support the GOP nominee to defeat Jay Inslee.

So far, no word from Joshua Freed, a check of his website on Friday showed no changes or statements to his campaign content.  No statement or word yet from Dr. Garcia (Tri City area ER doctor) either.

To see the Fortunato statement, click on the button below.

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