It's hard to imagine working at the age of 95 but one famous Oregon musician is finally calling it a day.


The small town of Arlington Oregon might not seem like much but it does have a few things that make it memorable.

Arlington's population of 591 is known for its farming community and one famous musician that you'll quickly recognize by name alone.

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At 95, the one and only Doc Severinsen will call it a day after an incredible career in music and television.

Severinsen might be best known as the bandleader and trumpeter of the Tonight Show with Johnny CarsonCarl Hilding "Doc" Severinsen started on the Tonight Show in 1962 and stayed as a bandleader until Johnny Carson's retirement in 1992.

"Doc" as we all know him was born and raised in Arlington Oregon. Severinsen discovered at a very young age that he had a knack for playing the cornet after he settled with the instrument after discovering the Arlington music store didn't have a trombone.

Severinsen soon hit the road for fame and fortune after winning several local song competitions.

Doc even tried out for the Tommy Dorsey Orchestra at age 14 but didn't make it but later made the band after he was older.


After landing a job at NBC TV in 1949, Doc Severinsen went on to great success with television and his recording career along with his big band.

Doc Severinsen played his final concert last night in Sarasota Springs, NY at the age of 95 proof positive once again that a number truly is only a number.

You can check out more details about Doc Severinsen here and here

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