A lawsuit filed in May by Clint Didier of Franklin County and a number of business leaders and others has been dismissed by a Federal judge, claiming "lack of jurisdiction."

Judge Benjamin Settle, based in Tacoma, dismissed the suit. It had been filed by Didier (acting on his own as a citizen and not as a Franklin County Commissioner), Tim Eyman, Tri City activist Lisa Thomas and Shakey’s Pizza Parlor owner Dean Wellsfry, Cousins’ Restaurant general manager Bobbie Ransier plus LaWanda Hatch. Several other persons outside B-F County had joined in, including some business people.

Cousins Restaurant was one of the first area victims of the stay at home order, going out of business several months ago in Pasco.  The complaint argued that the mandates of the stay at home were un-Constitutional as they also prohibited freedom of speech and gatherings as guaranteed by the First Amendment as well as a number of other illegal restrictions.

The suit also pointed out the severe damage done to hundreds of businesses in our area as well as the state.

The judge questioned whether he had the authority to overturn the proclamations, because he said Gov. Inslee is technically not the person enforcing them.  That is, or has been done, by a mixed (and sometimes confusing) effort of Labor and Industries, the Health Departments, and other state agencies.

No official word if the group plans to appeal. As we had mentioned last week, this was one of 17 different legal challenges that have been made to various Inslee proclamations.

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