'Shooting holes' in the Fed's denials,  documents show the US Government not only oversaw and allowed the sale of over 2,000 guns to a dangerous Mexican drug cartel, they used taxpayer dollars to do it.

Fast And Furious, the now botched Federal Program designed to sell guns to drug cartels and other criminals, then allow them to be tracked to those higher up the crime ladder (as opposed to nabbing low level distributors). It began in 2009 despite objections from some ATF agents.  However, in 2010, the US became the actual "broker" of the guns, instead of encouraging gun stores to sell them to criminals.   An agent named John Dobson was ordered to sell six pistols to known criminal smugglers.  However, when he wanted to keep their "supply" house under surveillance, he was told by superiors not to do so.  He defied direct orders, and kept their building under watch for six days.  When other criminals arrived to pick up the guns, Dobson ordered an interdiction team to swoop in and arrest all the parties involved and take the guns, but his superiors refused.  The guns disappeared without surveillance or tracking capability.  Scenarios like this were repeated to the tune of over 2,000 weapons being "lost" track of.   The new Fox Documents show that because of the use of taxpayer money, and direct orders from superiors, ATF agents were directly involved in the supplying of guns to the cartels--over the objections of the field agents.  The Feds had been claiming it was just a botched program.   Agent Dobson blew the whistle on the program after the death of a US Border Patrol Agent, Brian Terry, who was killed by what turned out to be guns obtained by criminals through the Fast And Furious Program.