Benton County Deputies had quite the time Saturday at the Columbia Center Mall Parking Lot


Around 11:30 AM a Deputy patrolling the Columbia Center parking lot near Twigs Bistro Restuarant noticed an unoccupied white Dodge pickup, which matched the description of a vehicle sought in connection with several recent commercial burglaries.

The Deputies planned to block in the vehicle, then search for the suspect in the mall. But then the woman, whose name was not released, came running out of the mall or Twigs (Deputies didn't say) and got in the vehicle.

Mall demo derby (BSCO)
Mall demo derby (BSCO)


The woman lurched forward, hitting a patrol vehicle, then put the vehicle in reverse and rammed a second patrol car.  Deputies had her pinned in, but she hit the gas hard, sending a plume of exhaust billowing from the pipes but she couldn't move.

When she hit the gas, she gunned it so hard, the truck actually went 'up' a bit onto the patrol cars, as seen in the first image.

At that point, Deputies decided to "remove" her from the truck, as she definitely posted a threat to pedestrians and other shoppers in the busy mall area. She was taken down and is now in custody on a warrant as well as an open investigation.


Mall demo derby (BCSO)
Mall demo derby (BCSO)

She's likely facing more charges stemming from the demo derby incident as well.

Aside from the damage to the patrol vehicles and the truck, no one was hurt in the incident.

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