According to a new report from, by way of PEMCO Insurance, hitting the gas pump on Monday could potentially save a driver as much as $325 a year on fuel costs.

With Memorial Day Weekend and summer travel coming rapidly, GasBuddy says according to their research, gas prices tend to rise as we head towards the weekend.

By filling up on Monday, you avoid the increases, and over time, it can be a substantial savings. Oregon drivers saved the most on Mondays and Tuesdays, while Washington drivers did so on Mondays, but also over the weekend--after the Friday price hikes.

According to the latest data, some of the cheapest gas was at a place called The Wolf Den in Wapato, where it was only $2.47, while a station in Seattle has fuel for a whopping $3.79.

GasBuddy tracks data from fuel stations in various cities around the nation, utilizing ZIP codes.

A check of Kennewick prices Tuesday showed the five cheapest stations between $2.66 and $2.69,  Pasco between $2.66 and $2.73, and Richland the five lowest were all at $2.71.

DO keep in mind these fluctuate as revised data is submitted, and NOT every gas station in your area is guaranteed to have their prices listed. But GasBuddy is a pretty solid barometer of fuel prices in your area.

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