A 25-year-old Pasco man is in the Benton County jail facing various charges after leading police on a short but wild chase early Sunday morning.

Around 4:54AM, Police spotted the car whizzing by on Canal near Neel Street, at a high rate of speed. But when an officer tried to pull the driver over, they raced way, temporarily eluding the policeman.

But just moments later, on the eastbound shoulder of Highway 240 a short distance east from the Edison interchange, police saw the same car sitting there with smoke pouring from under the hood. The suspect driver,  Andres Jesus Garcia, was spotted bailing out of the vehicle and was quickly pursued and captured.

He's facing felony eluding and driving on a suspended license. Police didn't offer specifics but apparently he 'genaded' the motor shortly after eluding the first officer. Whoops!

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