If you're an Am's fan, you remember the mighty #41 Patrick Holland.

Holland, who was a standout for the Americans during their run of U.S. Division and Western Conference Championships, hit the ice in the NHL for the first time this week for the Montreal Candiens as a teammate of former American Carey Price!

Holland got his call-up from the Hamilton Bulldogs of the AHL, the minor-league team of the Canadiens (the AHL is to hockey what AAA is to baseball).

We're proud of his accomplishments, despite some harsh comments from the very testy Montreal hockey media.  But then again, they're like Eagle football fans in Philly - they would boo Santa Claus!     How long he stays there is unknown, he is being used as replacement for another player who's out indefinitely with a concussion.

Holland could have played as a 20-year-old for the Americans last season, but as expected, he began making his way up the AHL and NHL ladder.

Let's hope is a productive and great time for this former star of the Western Hockey League!


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