Because of the expiration of the 72 hour hold,  the suspect accused of embezzling over a million dollars from Franklin County has been released from jail.

The State's Attorney General announced they would not be filing charges against former Public Works Department accountant Dennis M. Huston, but because they had significant evidence they had to go through, and attempting to hurry to get charges filed could compromise the investigation and the case.  Officials have also found a distinct similarity between the Franklin County case, and charges Huston faced when he worked for the Bureau of Reclamation in Billings MT.  He was fired in 1986 and spent nearly four years in jail on Federal Charges after admitting he used a dummy corporation to pay himself for non-existant work, stealing over $141.000.   He alledgedly used the same tactics in Franklin County.  Huston alledgedly told officials he did it to support a drug habit, and the same reason was given to Federal officials in the Montana case.    He was hired by Franklin County in 1989,  the alledged embezzlement in Tri Cities could be over one million dollars, and could stretch back as far as ten years.  One question that has not been answered is why was he hired by Franklin County Public Works as an accountant when he previously embezzled the Federal Government?