Franklin County joins drug lawsuit (Getty Images)
Franklin County joins drug lawsuit (Getty Images)

Among the many local, county and other governmental agencies (and entities) who've joined a federal lawsuit against opioid manufacturers now includes Franklin County.

The lawsuit claims makers of such drugs as Oxycontin and others have created the 'worst man-made epidemic' in history.

The suit claims that 17 people in Franklin County died from abuse and overdoses of such drugs between 2012 and 2016, according to sources.

The complaint says the county has been overburdened by the issue, so much so that county sheriff's have began carrying Narcan, which is a substance used to help overdose victims.

The suit claims the overburdening has taxed the county law enforcement and other systems to the point where they've cause issues for other areas of law enforcement.

The suit demands a trial and the companies named include Purdue Pharma, Johnson and Johnson, Endo Health Solutions, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, and several others.


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