What do you look for in a job?

Good pay.... good benefits.... free microchip implants for all workers...

*[Cue record scratch]*


Intel Makes Technology 3-D Tri-Gate Announcement In San Francisco
Getty Images - Intel Takes Technology

Yes, there is a company that is offering to implant the $300 microchips in its employees --at absolutely no cost to them! LiveScience says the Three Square Market (32M) company is holding an inaugural "chip party" for employees at its Falls River, Wisconsin headquarters August 1st.

The cyborg implant will allow employees the opportunity to log in to computers, open doors and use the copy machine without having to rely on analog alternatives like fingers and brains to accomplish those tasks. The microchips rely on the same radio frequency identification technology used to track goods in a supply chain, find lost dogs and cats and clock people's times in marathons. The chips will be inserted below the skin in the space between the thumb and the index finger, and the company expects about 50 employees to be chipped.

Would you want to be micro chipped by your employer? What would they have to offer to make you consider it?

And what happens when it eventually gets hacked and people use GPS to find out where you are all the time or when you're out so they can rob your house?

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