The story has attracted a lot of attention, the little dog in Kennewick named Zeus who was kicked in the face, and is now trying to recover.

According to, from KVEW-TV,  the little terrier-shitzhu mix was in or near his front yard in Kennewick May 1st, when somebody apparently kicked him in the face.

Owner Trevor Aagard said he found the dog, named Zeus, lying in the yard, covered in dried blood which was everywhere. He was not moving either. An emergency trip to Vista Veterinary Hospital revealed the dog had a severely broken jaw, likely from being kicked.  It's believed he was perhaps on the sidewalk, or near the edge of the yard when he was kicked. He managed to drag himself closer to the home before collapsing.

The vet said it was likely done by a child, because judging from the amount of damage and blunt force trauma,   such a kick by an adult would have killed the dog!

Zeus was taken to Spokane,where an animal specialist performed surgery to repair his jaw, then wire it shut. During his two-month recovery he will only be able to drink fluids. Aagard told KVEW-TV the dog only weighs six pounds, he's hardly a threat to anyone, and to those who know him (including neighbors) he's a friendly fun little animal companion.

A Go Fund Me account has been set up to help with the estimated $4,500 bill the family is facing.

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