In a radical shift announced by search engine giant Google,  it will begin tracking users activities across email, searches, U-tube and other web services; and users won't be given the choice to opt out.

The new privacy policy and terms of service changes will go into effect March 1st, and besides google users, gmail users, it will also affect Android phone owners who are required to log into google accounts when they activate their phones.   This new tracking of user habits, websites visited and other consumer behavior, says Google, will allow them to better offer goods and services across their wide range of products.  According to Bloomberg via the Washington Post, consumers will have no choice other than to accept the changes, if they wish to use Google products. Privacy advocates say this betrays Google users, who previously have not had their information shared across various websites. from the Washington Post-Bloomberg:

Some worry about security. Gmail users, including some White House staff, last year were targeted by hackers who were able to breach the company’s e-mail accounts.

Engineers from Facebook, Twitter and MySpace claim Google is moving away from it's mission to be a neutral web directory.