Due to extreme fire danger, the only option is the bbq.

In 20 Eastern and Central Washington counties,  virtually all agricultural and outdoor burning has been banned through Friday.

In a ban signed by Gov. Inslee Monday,   the ban seeks to prevent further wildfires like the many that are raging throughout our region.

Home bbq's are permitted, and home outdoor gas appliances are allowed provided they're five feet from any flammable surfaces. Agricultural and weed burning are also banned.

In reality though, it's really not that different than the normal restrictions we already face.   In Benton and Franklin Counties, you can't burn weeds, trash etc. unless the Clean Air Authority allows it.  The number of "open" burn days are so few and far between, it's almost a moot point.   The bulk of the impact will be felt by those who perform weed clearing and other agricultural burning on a large scale.

Oddly enough, despite record-high fire danger, the ban does NOT cover state parks and campgrounds.  Those are being left up to the discretion of the camp operators.

The ban could remain in effect next week if fire danger remains high.