Saying, "it's a fact",  WA Gov. Jay Inslee said Wednesday global warming or climate change is why near record fires have erupted in our state.

Citing data reportedly compiled by the Climate Impact Group at the University of Washington, Inslee claims forest fires in our state will burn 4 times more acres in the next 25 years.   The Impact Group has close ties to controversial governmental agencies such as the U.S. Dept. of Fish and Wildlife and Department of Natural Resources - the same ones who tried to steal thousands of acres of land from Franklin County farmers over the bladderpod issue.    They have been one of Inslee's biggest sources of climate change data in his relentless pursuit of carbon taxes and cap-and-trade.

Inslee claims warmer climate equals more fires.   While heat does produce high fire danger,   Inslee completely misses the point that precipitation also is a factor, as are water supplies in the mountains.    The last time we checked,  we're not having a drought.   Record, or near-record snowfalls in the Cascades the last couple of years have provided an ample supply of water.

Now, he's not even trying to hide it anymore.  Inslee is prepared to lay out official plans for a cap-and-trade AND carbon tax plan to combat his arch enemy, climate change.  Regardless of numerous studies predicting dire economic effects on our state, Inslee is still charging ahead with this crusade to become the greenest governor in history.

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