Now that he finally admitted on the record he's going to use Executive Orders to raise gas prices with his low-carbon fuel standard,  Inslee is trying to "calm" everyone by claiming his administration will do a thorough and "rigorous" examination of potential costs.

Usually when somebody pledges a "rigorous" examination of a situation, facts and figures, they utilize multiple sources to get as many opinions as possible.   Often when somebody learns they potentially have a serious illness, they seek a second, even third opinion.

Not Inslee.  After finally being cornered into admitting his low-carbon fuel standard will raise prices, and he's going to bypass the legislature to implement it,   Gov. Inslee claims he will do a "rigorous" study of the cost.

However, that "rigorous" study only involves one company.   Inslee's administration has administered what is called a "sole-source" contract to a relatively new, inexperienced California company that's known for leaning to the left.

The Office of Financial Management plans to officially issue a contract to a company called Life Cycle Associates to come up with a report detailing what the impacts would be from implementing a low-carbon fuel standard in Washington state.   A low-carbon fuel standard would far exceed current emission standards now found at the pump.   As reported many times by Newstalk 870,  there aren't sufficient resources on the West Coast to handle the demand if Inslee adopts it by his Executive Order.   That's why prices would jump as much as $1.17 a gallon.

This company however,  is dedicated to providing information about how to become more "green", and none of their website literature seems to be devoted to finding affordable ways to become more "green."

This is the only source Inslee will be using for his "rigorous" look at the cost of his fuel standard.