Recently, Gov. Jay Inslee has been dropping hints that we follow the (so far) disastrous step of California by initiating what is called a Low Carbon Fuel Standard.

It has nothing to do with the federal stickers you see at the pump, where it says this fuel may contain up to 10% ethanol.   No, this has to do with the amount of carbon released to make the fuel.

Carbon is supposedly, in the eyes of global-warming supporters, the boogey-chemical that causes climate change.

In California, they have a rule that demands alcohol (no, not THAT kind) be mixed with fuel and the already in place federal ethanol standards.  According to the Seattle Times:

"Washington doesn’t have a LCFS but California does, and the Golden State’s ideas tend to migrate here. And the oil refiners say the California experience is none too good so far."

California's emission standards require that refiners purchase what is called celluosic ethanol, which comes from Brazilian cane, or bunch grass.  The only problem is, Brazil doesn't make enough of it to supply the U.S. in a economical fashion.  If Oregon and Washington adopt the California policy, it will cause fuel prices to skyrocket.

Although plants to distill the cane product are slowly being built in CA,  the policy is still being debated, and although adopted, has not been legally enforced on a widespread basis.   Washington leaders best keep an eye on what happens in CA, because if it goes into full effect,  Inslee will see that as a sign "it works," and try to really push it here - regardless of what it does to our gas prices!


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