For whatever reason, in the 40th anniversary of the Seattle Mariners Baseball Club, gimmickry is not just reserved for the roster as the franchise is still looking to experience a World Series appearance. Only the Washington Senators and Mariners have NEVER made a fall classic. Even those teams who came into existence after the Mariners have at least made it to the championship round.

So, since the club is off to another so-so start (although at this writing, they did just sweep the Rangers including a dramatic come from behind Easter Sunday win) the main news is what's available to eat! Or soon, what's NOT available to eat.


Grasshoppers that are toasted in a chili lime salt and come in a four-ounce cup for $4.

The grasshoppers are an appetizer sold at the restaurant, Poquitos, and were added to the ballpark menu as a novelty, but the team didn't expect them to be that popular.

Like, 901 orders, 18,000 bugs swallowed, popular.

Just to meet the demand this past weekend, and attendance was not that overwhelming, they had to call in (and who do you call, exactly?) an emergency order for the rabid appetite of the fans. In fact, a per-game order limit has been established for the rest of the season so they don't run out.

Bon appetite!

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